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Rob Johnston –Builder Services Manager, Builder Liaison

After 20 years of hands-on experience in the custom machinery industry, Rob felt it was time for a career change. Combining his experience in renovating and homebuilding with his desire to develop and pursue new technologies, Rob quickly became an integral part of our company. For the last 6 years, his dedication, extensive knowledge and management background have been an invaluable part of growing our Builder Services team and division. Currently, Rob is focusing on his role of assisting builders (big and small) with the creation and implementation of their chosen energy programs. Whether it is ENERGY STAR, LEED for New Homes or GreenHouse, Rob is able to create cost effective option plans individualized to suit every builder. His dedication and knowledge are invaluable to both our company and the builders we service.

Angela Bustamante C.E.T – Energy Evaluator / Administrator, Builder Services

The success of any good company rests on the dedication and knowledge of its employees and Angela, our Builder Services Administrator, is a great example. Her interest in drafting and homebuilding began at a young age. Her thirst for knowledge has led her to both an Environmental Engineering Diploma and a Construction Engineer Technologist Degree. Her experience and education is both multi-faceted and extensive; from working with a non-profit organization specializing in helping Canadian immigrant families with energy efficiency to IAQ training and thermographic camera analysis. As a liaison, Angela provides support and assistance to our home builders and various service providers. She is also actively involved in ventilation design, air testing and energy software simulations.

Strat Padazis

Strat is a Mechanical Engineering Technologist (MET) with over 15 years of sales experience in the HVAC industry specializing in innovative Energy Management products. Strat’s calm demeanour, strong technical ability and exceptional customer service skills have allowed Air Solutions* to grow and mature as a sales agency. He has been instrumental in the introduction of several new product lines and has been Gord’s right hand man. 

We are proud to announce that Strat is now a full partner in Air Solutions* and our new VP of Sales.

* The Air Solutions sales agency is a division of Building Knowledge, Inc.