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Gord is very proud to have worked with many outstanding consultants to the industry. It has always been his philosophy that collaboration leads to the most practical solutions to complex issues. Many of the projects that Gord works on include a team approach, each member with individual strengths, focus and experience. It is Gord’s pleasure to introduce website visitors to important industry participants that Gord has been associated with.

Mark Laliberte

As a distinguished trainer, author and consultant, Mark LaLiberte of and Building Knowledge Inc. has devoted over two decades to educating the homebuilding industry about the benefits of constructing durable, energy efficient, healthier, more environmentally sustainable homes.

It’s his commitment to helping the building industry that keeps Mark traveling nationwide, reaching more than 8,000 builders annually. A presenter in high demand, Mark has been featured at leading industry events such as the NAHB International Builders Show, PCBC, West Coast Green, Sunbelt Builders Show, Energy Star Summit, GreenBuild and JLCLive conferences.

His customers include architects, builders, product manufacturers, utilities, government agencies, HBA’s and Trade Associations. He co-created the program curriculum for the Energy and Environmental Building Association (EEBA) Houses That Work™ program, which is based on the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building America Program. Mark has served in an advisory capacity on the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Program and the MN Energy Code Advancement Project. In 2002 he was the recipient of a lifetime achievement award for his long-standing commitment to helping the home construction industry embrace building science. He co-chaired the Green Building event at the 2007 PCBC show. In 2007 and 2008 he was on the advisory board for the West Coast Green Conference.

Recognizing that building science education on a global scale is vital in delivering better home performance, LaLiberte has provided training to members of the Warsaw, Poland housing industry and the International Housing Symposium in Tokyo, Japan.

Using various forms of media, LaLiberte continually challenges the way we think about improving the residential building industry. He can be seen at as a featured spokesperson providing editorial videos on topics such as Green Building Programs and the basics of Building Green. The level of his commitment to sound building construction practices can be experienced by reading his online articles for He has been a Spokesperson for the Ad Council’s Energy Hog Campaign, TLC’s Home Pro and Home Savvy series and the PBS Hometime series. He is frequently a guest expert for home improvement and residential housing radio shows and provides newsprint interviews.

LaLiberte is featured as the on-camera guide for the Building Better Homes™ DVD program, a comprehensive guide to High-Performance Green Building Science Principles. It shows you how to apply the latest green building science ideas into residential construction. This highly acclaimed DVD interactive training program is available from Taunton Press, This program teaches cutting-edge, easy-to-access techniques through hands-on video, close-up photos, construction details, animations, web links and step-by-step instructions.

Edward VonThoma

As President of Building Knowledge Consulting, Ed advocates the house as a system approach to home design and construction, in accordance with building science principles.

With over 20 years of progressive construction project management experience, Ed VonThoma is a seasoned veteran of the building industry.  Ed has extensive expertise in the development of innovative single- and multi-family homes with a commitment to prove that better design creates value for the builder and the homeowner.
Ed has served as the Energy & Environmental Building Association's Board President and as a member of the Minnesota Energy Code Advisory Committee.

Pat O'Malley

Patrick O’Malley is the Director of Operations with Building Knowledge. He has twelve years of experience in building related durability, energy efficiency and quality control projects. His areas of expertise include performance testing, data monitoring, technical assistance and education. 

Mr. O’Malley is currently involved with assisting his builder and architect clients apply green building strategies through the LEED for Homes, Minnesota GreenStar, Energy Star and Health House programs. He is also helping builders meet the 2005 Federal Tax Credit requirements through the Energy Payback Incentive Program offered by the Builders Association of Minnesota (BAM). 

He has delivered training and technical consultation services for the Minnesota GreenStar Program. He is also on the program’s Board of Directors and chairs the Technical Committee.
His training experience includes providing continuing education classes for builders through BAM and he has trained at JLC Live and the national Energy and Environmental Builders Association Conference. 

Tex McLeod

With over 25 years in housing and energy conservation Tex has evolved into one of North America’s leading presenters on energy, housing and indoor air quality. Tex delivers training across Canada, into the US and has traveled on behalf of CMHC’s International Training Team to South America, Europe and China. Tex is a past board member of EEBA (the Energy and Environmental Building Association) and has presented at many of their US conferences as well as Affordable Comfort – other US locations include: Colorado, Alaska, North Carolina, Nevada, California, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Georgia. In addition to delivering training, Tex has also worked to develop training materials for a variety of clients including: CMHC, Ontario Hydro, SAWDAC, NRCan, Atlantic Homebuilders Training Board and Ontario First Nations Technical Services. Tex was part of the original team that put together the IAQ materials for CMHC and is one of their lead trainers for the Let’s Clear the Air workshop as well as the IAQ Investigators Course. Tex most recently worked with Gord to develop an IAQ workshop for the US EPA and EEBA as well as a ventilation course for EEBA and HVI.

Gail Lawlor, B.E.S. - President, Energy Matters

Gail Lawlor has been involved in the residential energy efficiency industry for over 25 years in a variety of capacities including as an air sealing contractor, retailer of energy products and trainer. She has developed and delivered hundreds of workshops and courses to a variety of audiences including contractors, renovators, utility staff and homeowners on building sciences, air sealing, insulating, ventilation, heating, water heating, moisture problems and indoor air quality.

Gail graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Environmental Studies in 1982 and was born, raised and lives in Pickering with her two children, Alex and Mary Ellen, and husband Richard.