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Do You Want That In Green?

Understanding Green Building for Residential Construction

With energy costs rising, your clients are now seeking energy-efficient designs, materials and methods in the construction of their homes. Mark LaLiberte shares updated techniques for high performance design and residential construction. He will address the issues contractors face when constructing green built, energy efficient homes.

1. Introduction
     a. General information on the audience & sponsors
     b. Define the industry
          i. Complicated business

2. What is a “Better Built, Green Home”?
     a. A home that’s: Safe, Durable, Healthy, Comfortable, Efficient & Sustainable
          i. Safe
          ii. Durable
          iii. Healthy
          iv. Comfortable
          v. Efficient
          vi. Sustainable

3. Issues affecting change
     a. Insurance
     b. Litigation
     c. Material changes
     d. Consumer expectations

4. Basic Building Science
     a. Forces of nature
     b. Fundamentals of building science
     c. Heat, Air and Moisture
          i. Understanding heat flow
          ii. Airflow effects
          iii. Moisture flow
          iv. Thermal enclosure improvements
          v. Improved mechanical systems

5. The Exterior Wall
     a. Wall design strategies
     b. Sheathing type
     c. Water management
     d. Windows & doors
     e. Insulation

6. The Roof
     a. Roof design strategies
          i. Moisture Control
          ii. Air barrier strategies
          iii. Insulation

7. Mechanical Systems
     a. General Design Strategies
     b. Heating Systems
     c. Cooling Systems
     d. Ductwork
     e. Ventilation

8. Advanced framing
     a. Concepts and opportunities

9. Process changes
     a. Changing course
     b. Creating a team
     c. Testing and verification

10. Developing your communication process
     a. Taking advantage of high performance
     b. Teaching an industry
     c. Listening to market forces
     d. Building better homes

11. Closing comments
     a. Questions and review of the day


Comprehensive Building Science Training
Marketing and Selling the Better Built Home
Moisture and Rain Management